Doctrine & Liturgy

The Doctrine and Liturgy Commission of the Diocese of Kasese was officially instituted by a synodal recommendation of 2009, 20 years after the creation of Kasese Catholic Diocese in 1989. It is a new and young commission of the Diocese with three major committees: Catechesis and Doctrine committee, Liturgy, Music and Incu lturation committee, and Translations & Censor committee.

It is Headed by Fr. Vicent Muhindo And Fr. Patrick Sunday Baluku


As an arm of the Diocesan structure, the Doctrine and Liturgy Commission of the Diocese of Kasese derives her mandate from the Catholic Church hierarchy with the Bishop as the Legal holder. The main task of the Doctrine and Liturgy Commission is to ensure that the Christian community in the Catholic Diocese of Kasese truly lives according to the teaching of the Church and to implement Christ’s command “to teach all nations” (cfr. Mat 28: 19-20) according to the Christian values. The commission assists the Diocesan Bishop in areas of doctrine of faith and morals and liturgical practices. It ensures proper and authentic teaching of Catholic doctrine and proper liturgical practices and progress in accordance with the instructions of the universal Church. The commission also through consultation and study endeavours to provide expertise and guidance concerning theological issues that confront the Church in Kasese regarding doctrine and morals, liturgical and sacramental life. It supports the Bishop in the development /review of liturgical, spiritual and pastoral translations.

Hence, the commission studies, evaluates and monitors the challenges to Catholic doctrine and practice in the Diocese of Kasese. It also has the duty to research, study, analyse, translate and contextualise the magisterial universal, regional and local teachings of the Church. Where need be, it liaises with the Censors of the Dioceses in the task of ensuring the correct doctrine in catholic theological publications and liturgical compositions and practices. With such an enormous task, the Doctrine and Liturgy Commission must reach out to the people of God through the Diocese of Kasese.