Social Communications commission





Diocese of Kasese

Postal Address: P.O.Box 75 Kasese

Responsible Persons: Makanika Edward, Muhindo Michael and Fr. Sunday Augustine Masereka

Phone(s): +256(0)774 408 257, +256(0)         773 597 166, +256(0)700 164 405



Identity, vision, mission of the institution

Vision: A Communication Commission which promotes the use of Media in evangelizing of the whole person: spiritually, economically, politically and socially.

Mission: We are a Diocesan Communications Department of the Diocese of Kasese that promotes pastoral activities to all the people through the available means of communication.


Highlights or major activities/events in the institution

  1. Meetings and Seminars: Weekly(Radio Management) and monthly(Radio Staff) meetings are maintained. We have also maintained quarterly recollections for the communication and radio staff.
  2. Capacity building/ trainings: We have continued with internal trainings. We have mentored a good number of our staff.
  3. Disseminating the Diocesan( Omusondaolya News Letter, National(Contact) and International(Revelator from Island) information to the people concerned: Parishes, Priests, and Catechists, lay faithful, institutions and individuals. We have communicated the following messages from bishop’s office: 1.Youth message on diocesan youth day(Radio) 2. Christmas Massage(Radio)3.Lenten Message, 4. Easter Message, 5. Divine Sunday Message, 6. Cathedral Construction Message, etc.We must report that we are enjoying much collaboration with the Ordinary, he has impressed the media.
  4. Writing projects. We are continuing writing projects.
  5. Managing a Radio Station:
  6. Provide public address system to priests’ ordinations, way of the cross, etc.
  7. Collection of Lenten Alms giving(Communication and Radio)
  8. Managing a Recording studio(Radio)
  9. Managing Video production(Radio)
  10. Managing a Noah Car for hiring(Radio)
  11. Providing a projector services to Diocesan seminars and trainings(Communication)
  12. Managing a diocesan website-
  13. Managing a SACCO with shares of over 100,000,000 Million shillings(Radio)
  14. Managing 1,000 plastic chairs, tents for the Diocese and Radio station(Communication)
  15. Promoting Catholic bookshop and Min supermarket for the Diocese(Communication and Radio)
  16. In a campaign to fights violence against Children with our partner organizations under RWECO.(Radio)
  17. Managing Sunday Mass live coverage on Radio.(Radio)
  18. Managing Small catering service team(Communication)
  19. We are promoting and contributing materially to Diocese of Kasese Cathedral Construction(Communication and Radio)
  20. We are collecting money for the Uganda Catholic Television.



  1. We are managing a Library(Communication)

SWOT Analysis


Strengths Weaknesses
·         Having more than one means of communication (radio, newspaper, website).

·         Capacity Building /training, a good number of our staff is trained.

·         Existence of 30 listeners’ groups (Radio)

·         Catholic Media Houses in the Country

·         Meeting the  target for  the annual financial budget(Radio) and paying salaries in time

·         Unity between the Communication office and the radio station. We operate as one.

·         Trained Staff.

·         Parish Communicators.


·         Some resource management challenges. Some gaps in management.

·         Not able to support/employ all the trainees

·         Managing of the listeners groups is not an easy task, sometimes expensive.

·         Lack of strong cooperation among Catholic media houses and institutions

·         Some few staff still need professional training

·         Some Parish communicators are not very active.


Opportunities Challenges
·         High number of Catholics in the Diocese

·         Only Catholic Media (Radio) in the District.

·         Among other Catholic media houses in the country.

·         Trust in the Catholic Church

·         Support from the Local Ordinary



·         Requests for free services

·         Maintaining Catholic moral teachings

·          Less commitment in co-operation.

·         Not measuring to the trust they have in us

·         High expenditure, especially technical  URA Taxes UCC Licence, etc( Radio)

·         Our salaries are still low compared to the demands of the economy.



Future Plans (outline)

  1. Strengthen Evangelization through the radio, especially against domestic violence, promotion of family rosary, sharing word of God, Church doctrine, Devine mercy promotion, etc.
  2. To continue training more personnel (Communication and Radio).
  3. Purchase of a Solar System(Radio).
  4. Expanding the library(Communication).
  5. Purchase of a modern video Camera(Communication).
  6. To Procure ISUZU Juston Forward(Radio) for Hiring, Public Address System and Diocesan Activities
  7. Administration House: We plan to build an administration house- Long term(Radio).
  8. To establish a mass media training school- Long term.

List of staff:

  • Two people in communication office (The co-ordinator, the secretary). The office is mainly run by the secretary.
  • Twenty Four(24)staff at the radio.
  • 6 staff in other projects (PAS, Recording Studio, Video production, etc.
  • Over Thirty(30) Chairpersons of listeners groups and Twenty Five(25) parish communicators