While you talk about Caritas while in Kasese, what immediately comes to the Peaople’s mind is relief food, charity and development. Caritas is a Latin word meaning “Love and care”. The Rev. Remegious Thembo is the diocesan Director of the Caritas Commission.
Projects so far implemented
1. Gender development.
2. Intergrated food security programmes
3. Community Empowerment projects
4. Improvement of People’s livelihood
5. Preservation of natural resources
6. Poverty alleviation through Micro Credit projects
7. Sustainable agriculture
8. Disaster Risk reduction
9. Provision of condusive enviroment for the girl child education by construction of of girls hostels
The social services department has conference halls and accomodation for guests.

The Caritas commission has been at the centre stage in responding to disasters both manmade and natural. During the ADF insurgency, Caritas was one of the leading agencies that provided food, medication, clothing and shelter to the displaced people. It also did the same during th May 2014 Kasese floods that hit many subcounties in Kasese.

Future plans
Under Caritas, the Diocese of Kasese is mobilizing funds to put up Pope John Paul training Centre Complex which will contain modern conference halls and accomodation.
Caritas commission is also putting final touches to move from provision of micro-projects to Macro-projects.