Ibanda Parish

Brief history of Ibanda parish.

Ibanda Catholic Parish which is run by the congregation of Apostles of Jesus  was created on 14th. 11.1999 curved from Hima parish. The parish is situated on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori whose highest peak is about 16.000ft.Its Parish Priest is Fr. Ciriako Taxon Ajija and curate is Deacon John Birungi.

Vision:”Journeying together as a family of God”


To evangelize all the people of God. Bring back all those who have gone astray.

To help all Christians to know God more.

Ibanda Parish has a total population of 18500 baptised Christians. It was officially opened by Bishop Emeritus  Egidio Nkaijanabwo.
Since its creation it is under the leadership of priests belonging to a missionary congregation of the Apostles of Jesus.
It has since been led by three parish priests who include Fr. Joseph Batulekeddeki, Fr. John Segawa and Fr. Ciriako Toxton Ajiga-current.
The parish has the following chapels;

1. Ibanda
2. Bikone
3. Kasanzi
4. Kiharara
5. Bulindiguru
6. Kyarumanya
7. Ruboni
8. Kinyuko
9. Nyakabugha
10. Muramba
11. Muhambo
12. Kijura
13. Katebe
14. Kiruli
15. Kihyo
16. Kisanga
17. Kabuyiri
18. Buhweza
19. Nkaiga
20. Kyanya
21. Kyagabo
22. Isule
23. Kyabikuha
24. Kyangima
25. Nyarukungu

Primary schools in the Parish
1. Ruboni
2. Katebe
3. Bikone
4. Kijura
5. Kasanzi
6. Kamabwe
7. Nkaiga
8. Nyangorongo
9. St. Matia Mulumba primary school
The parish has no secondary school and any institution apart from those of other denominations
But its running a girls’ hostel for a catholic women’s group at the parish. The hostel is to benefit girl child who leave in far places so that they can access education easily.

Ibanda Parish is running some Projects like Banana farming, Coffee farming and Tree planting though not on a large scale.

It has also not taken education for granted. It runs primary schools and a hostel.

Social Services:

  1. Corner house Commercial (Its under construction)
  2. CWA houses (For renting)
  3. A tent and seats for hiring
  4. A Radio system for hiring
  5. Poultry for Nuns

Ibanda Parish has 33 catechists, 7 minor seminarians and 6 major seminarians. It also has one priest and one deacon.


It has 3 religious sisters under the Congregation of Little Daughters Of Mary.