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Empower street kids or train law breakers-Bishop Kibira

By Kule Kennedy & Peter Masereka,

Bishop Kibira of Kasese has said the diocese of Kasese has started a brick making project targeting street kids and other energetic unemployed youth in Kasese for a livelihood than promoting street kidding and beggars who later turn law breakers for a living. The Bishop revealed this on Sunday 3rd September 2023 while he was opening up a Eucharistic Centre at Kisanga Catholic church, one of the outstations of Kasese Cathedral Parish.

Over the years, a number of street children in Kasese has grown tremendously. Some of these unprivileged people come from the villages in hope of better life in town but end up on the streets, begging money from one person to another. Thus the Bishop is trying to create opportunities for these children and reduce on their numbers.

‘Stop giving money to street kids and beggars in town but support them in plans for income generating activities for improved livelihoods’, Bishop Francis Kibira Kambale  advised.

Bishop Kibira who encouraged hard work among the local community members partly blamed poverty to laziness and poor planning that the Holy throne will condemn some people for. Bishop Kibira speaking….

The Bishop emphasizes every Christian to work in the letter of St. Paul’s to 2nd Thessalonians.”If anyone is not willing to work, let him or her not eat.

The Nyamwamba Division local council three chairperson, Mr. Pimako Kasereka conquered with the Ordinary of the Diocese of Kasese, blaming poor parenting and laziness for the increasing number of teen street kids who some families have turned into bread winners.

Mr. Kasereka speaking ….

On the same occasion, Fr. Joseph Kirungi, the Kasese Parish Priest commended Christians, the Laity and the Catechist at Kisanga Church for the tireless efforts towards the spiritual and social-economic development of the Church of God and his people. Fr. Kirungi speaking …….

The Church Laity chairperson, Mr. Steven Muhasa told the Bishop that as the number of Christians continues to increase each day, Church administration was planning to build a bigger church, before requesting for a resident priest. 

During mass four catechists were promoted to the rank of Eucharistic Ministers that is Biira Rosetti, Anna Masika, Mbusa Joseph and Scovia Balhubasa.


Bishop Kibira of the Diocese of Kasese officially opens Nyakahya Parish in Kasese.

By Kule Kennedy & Peter Masereka

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kasese, Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira Kambale has attributed under development in the district to selfish politicians who seek public mandate on lies.

Bp Kibira described politicians as promoters of idleness and laziness who only engage people in street talks and donate small handouts under what he termed “Peoples Parliament” spending the whole day discussing politics than encouraging them to work.

In his speech shortly after holy Mass during the official opening of Nyakahya Catholic Parish over the weekend on 2nd September 2023, the Bishop encouraged leaders to imitate Jesus Christ as a good leader and wondered why some political leaders have failed to educate the public about developmental issues but instead promote poverty and hate speech for selfish interests.

Bishop Kibira speaking 1 …..   

Hate speech dehumanises the individuals and groups it targets and makes them more vulnerable to discrimination; it erodes the social fabric and hinders peaceful living together in diversity, he added.

Kibira revealed that on 18th November 2023, Diocese of Kasese will officially open her diocesan Hospital Mt St. Mary’s Hospital.

Bishop Kibira speaking 2…..

On the same event, the state Minister for National Guidance, Hon. Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga, called for mindset change among the community.

Hon. Kabyanga speaking …

Rev. Fr. Joseph Tumusiime, the Nyakahya Parish Priest hailed believers in Christ and people of God for their generous support saying their genorasity has led to the growth of the Parish in just few years.He encouraged them to continue doing the same for the greater glory of God.

Nyakahya Catholic Parish is initially part of the greater Kasanga Parish, it neighbors the democratic Republic of Congo, Parish of Kasindi and Kabuyiri Shrine in Customs Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council.

In 2022, the Ordinary Diocese of Kasese His Lordship Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira Kambale announced the official opening day of Nyakahya Parish as early 2023 asking the parish administration to continue with team work. With the official opening of the new Parish, the diocese of Kasese is steadily growing and now the total number of the parishes becomes 13 with one Pastoral Centre and a shrine at the border town.


Be ambassadors of peace and reconciliation-Msgr. Saverinus

By Kule Kennedy,

Msgr. Saverinus Ndugwa, the Vicar General of Mbarara Arch-Diocese has blamed deadly rebellion and other related activities to selfishness, ignorance and greedy among the actors who fail to appreciate humanity.

He encouraged the local population to be trusted ambassadors of peace and reconciliation, as well as praying for the world to nurture people who appreciate life, reconciliation and forgiveness.

In his Homily while presiding over a memorial Mass that marked 26 year since the ADF attack on St. John’s the Evangelist Minor Seminary in Kasese where about nineteen students and two workers were abducted with only eleven rescued, Msgr. Ndugwa asked the local community members to emulate Christ who loves without discrimination than behaving like the Biblical selfish Cain who did not feel sorry for the sins committed.

Msgr. Saverinus Ndugwa

Msgr. Ndugwa speaking …..

The Vicar General for the Diocese of Kasese, Msgr. Landaus Bwambale who was the Rector of the Seminary at the time, asked the community to report to relevant authorities any suspicion of rebellion and not like the attack on them which was planned time before but treated like a mere empty rumor by the locals. Msgr. Landaus speaking …. 

Mr. Henry Muhindo who was the last rescued in 2008 after over 14years in ADF captivity, asked families and communities to treat the returnees with warm hands or else, they would feel isolated and lonely to pickup with life. Mr. Henry speaking ……

Mr. Dismas Adyeeri who is currently a secondary teacher said he decided to continue with education later after his return to neutralize ignorance and illiteracy he believes force people into subversive acts.

Mr. Dismas speaking…..

The Ibanda Parish Curate, Fr. Francis Mbusa, another survivor narrated how he was shot at four times and left unconscious till the following morning when the locals rushed him for treatment. 

On August 16, 1997, the ADF attacked St. John’s Catholic Seminary in Kiburara, abducting nineteen seminarians aged between twelve and twenty, as well as two young employees. One of the abductees later escaped and told Human Rights Watch that one of the workers had been killed with a machete soon after the abduction in order to terrify the boys. The ADF also abducted students from the Mitande School in Kabarole district in early 1998, and attempted to abduct students from a school at Kabatunda on the night of April 9, 1998, the same evening as the attack on Kichwamba.


Bishop Melchisedec Paluku Sikuli of Butembo -Beni celebrates silver jubilee of episcopate amidst insurgencies in the mineral rich territory

By Michael Muhindo

Behind the scenes of the bishopric of Butembo-Beni, a special celebration took place recently. Indeed, Bishop Sikuli Paluku Melchizedek, The Bishop of the diocese for 25 years, was honored during a mass of thanksgiving for his silver jubilee of episcopate. This milestone event brought together many ecclesiastical and political personalities who came to pay tribute to this devoted pastor.

The ceremony, held at ITAV Tsakatsaka in Butembo, was presided over by Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa. In his homily, the Cardinal highlighted the remarkable work done by Bishop Sikuli throughout his 25 years of service. He also spoke of the challenges and sacrifices that a pastor faces, commending Bishop Sikuli’s determination and resilience.

At the celebration, many Bishops from different dioceses of the Democratic Republic of Congo were present, thus testifying to the importance of this event for the Congolese Church. Among them, Msgr José Moko Ekanga, vice-president of CENCO and Bishop of the diocese of Idiofa, Mgr Janvier Kataka, bishop of Wamba, or even Msgr Théophile Kaboy, Bishop emeritus of Goma, to name but a few. .

Apart from ecclesiastical personalities, many political figures also made a point of honoring Bishop Sikuli by attending his jubilee celebration. This presence testifies to the esteem and influence of the Bishop in Congolese society, which goes beyond the religious framework.

Beyond the event itself, the celebration highlighted the importance of the role of bishops and the Church in Congolese society. They are essential actors in promoting peace, social justice and the development of the nation.

In conclusion, the silver jubilee of the episcopate of Bishop Sikuli Paluku Melchizedek was an opportunity to pay tribute to a devoted pastor and to underline the crucial role of the Church in Congolese society. This event marks an important step in the journey of Bishop Sikuli and testifies to his positive impact on the Christian community and society as a well.

Kasese delegation at the Silver jubilee celebration

Among other invited guests was a delegation from the Catholic diocese of Kasese Uganda that was led by some priests and the lay faithful.


Rev. Sr. Sarah Muhindo appointed new director Kasese Guide Radio

Rev. Sr. Sarah Muhindo, Bishop Kibira and Rev. Fr. Augustine Masereka

By Kule Kennedy

The Bishop Diocese of Kasese, Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira Kambale has appointed Rev. Sr. Sarah Muhindo as the new Director Kasese Guide Radio replacing Rev Fr. Augustine Sunday Masereka, with call for team work.

Rev. Fr Augustine Sunday Masereka, who is one of the founder members of the Radio as well as the first director, has also been appointed by the Uganda Episcopal conference to work at the Uganda Catholic Television as acting station manager at Catholic Secretariat, Nsambya Kampala.

In his Homily while presiding over a Pontifical Mass at Kasese Cathedral Church, Bishop Kibira described the poorest person on earth as that one who doesn’t love God and his people, saying he personally knows Fr. Augustine as a person who has love and self-dedicated to his call and duties with confidence he believes Fr.Augustine will excel in his new appointment.

Bishop Kibira who was excited towards the new appointment of his Son, Fr. Augustine which he said was so competitive but prayed hard for the appointment so that he represents the diocese.Bishop Kibira one speaking...      

The Ordinary of Kasese called for love and forgives in his new appointment through working closely with his staff and management, before saying anyone who thinks Fr.Augastine wronged him should forgive and pray for him. Bishop Kibira two speaking …. 

Bishop Kibira praying for the Rev. Fr. Sunday Augustine Masereka & Sr. Sarah Muhindo

At the Reception which was hosted at Kasese Guide Radio gardens, the Diocesan Vicar General Msgr Landaus Bwambale commended the service of Fr. Augustine who almost started the Radio with nothing, asking all radio listeners to work with the new Director for the continuity of the Radio development. Msgr Landus Bwambale speaking …

The chairperson Board of Directors Kasese Guide Radio, Mr. Constantine Bwambale in his report commended Fr. Augustine for his exemplary leadership, guiding his staff and laying a strong foundation for his successor. Mr. Constantine speaking ….. MOR

Chairperson Board of Directors Kasese Guide Radio, Mr. Constantine Bwambale.

Counsel Luka Kanyonyi the executive secretary, Kilembe Investment limited where Fr. Augustine is a board Member on behalf of the diocese said he’s the one in charge of human resource. Counsel Kanyonyi speaking …..

Fr. Augustine Sunday Masereka commended the bishop for loving him as his son and priest, blessing him with a Pontifical Mass, the board for the support and lastly the staff for working closely with him, asking Sr. Sarah to focus most on the positive from her employees. Fr. Augustine speaking …

Sr. Sarah Muhindo DST, hailed the Bishop for trusting her with a big responsibility which she said with prayers, hardwork and team work among the Radio staff will develop. Sr. Sarah speaking ……

Sr. Sarah with some staff members of Kasese Guide Radio.

Some of the agents and listeners including Mr. Adolf said through the management of Fr. Augustine they have developed spiritually, physically, socially and economically. Mr. Adolf and others speaking …

The Former Station Manager, Mr. Edward Makanika and Bernard Masereka respectively said the work ahead of him is a big responsibility seeking for prayers, later encouraging the listeners and staff to support the new administration. Makanika and Bernard speaking …

Ms. Marylyn Mary Kighotha, said through Kasese Guide Radio she was able to reach out on her supporters during the past elections.

Ms. Marylin speaking ….. 

In his speech, shortly after mass the Bishop also appointed, Rev. Loti Maate and Sr. Juliet Muhindo to work in the bishop’s office replacing, Rev. Sr. Jacinta Kemegisha DST who is going for further studies in Kampala. END