Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga has met with K’se District NRM Woman MP contenders over the general election Interest.

The Uganda’s Ambassador to China, Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga last evening met with Kasese District NRM Woman Mp contenders at his country home in Bunyiswa with a call on candidates to put ahead and serve the general interests of the NRM party, including respecting one another.

Dr. Kiyonga observed that the NRM Success in the fourth coming elections will depend on how best they are organized, and also the guidance rendered to their candidates at all levels across the district.

The former defense Minister also argued the aspirants to highlight the various visible NRM achievements in Uganda and Kasese in Particular as a way to guide the community.

He says that whereas the NRM manifesto was being implemented in Kasese, the district was losing on a number of opportunities for missing representation in the NRM Caucus and Cabinet.

The acting NRM District Chairperson, Mr. Fred Businge challenged the NRM women aspirants not to avoid emotions that could tactfully be insinuated by their competitors to divert their attention.

Speaker after speaker appreciated the efforts by Dr. Crispus Kiyonga for the meeting with the candidates pledging to welcome and support the outcome of their NRM Party primaries. ENDS