Empower street kids or train law breakers-Bishop Kibira

By Kule Kennedy & Peter Masereka,

Bishop Kibira of Kasese has said the diocese of Kasese has started a brick making project targeting street kids and other energetic unemployed youth in Kasese for a livelihood than promoting street kidding and beggars who later turn law breakers for a living. The Bishop revealed this on Sunday 3rd September 2023 while he was opening up a Eucharistic Centre at Kisanga Catholic church, one of the outstations of Kasese Cathedral Parish.

Over the years, a number of street children in Kasese has grown tremendously. Some of these unprivileged people come from the villages in hope of better life in town but end up on the streets, begging money from one person to another. Thus the Bishop is trying to create opportunities for these children and reduce on their numbers.

‘Stop giving money to street kids and beggars in town but support them in plans for income generating activities for improved livelihoods’, Bishop Francis Kibira Kambale  advised.

Bishop Kibira who encouraged hard work among the local community members partly blamed poverty to laziness and poor planning that the Holy throne will condemn some people for. Bishop Kibira speaking….

The Bishop emphasizes every Christian to work in the letter of St. Paul’s to 2nd Thessalonians.”If anyone is not willing to work, let him or her not eat.

The Nyamwamba Division local council three chairperson, Mr. Pimako Kasereka conquered with the Ordinary of the Diocese of Kasese, blaming poor parenting and laziness for the increasing number of teen street kids who some families have turned into bread winners.

Mr. Kasereka speaking ….

On the same occasion, Fr. Joseph Kirungi, the Kasese Parish Priest commended Christians, the Laity and the Catechist at Kisanga Church for the tireless efforts towards the spiritual and social-economic development of the Church of God and his people. Fr. Kirungi speaking …….

The Church Laity chairperson, Mr. Steven Muhasa told the Bishop that as the number of Christians continues to increase each day, Church administration was planning to build a bigger church, before requesting for a resident priest. 

During mass four catechists were promoted to the rank of Eucharistic Ministers that is Biira Rosetti, Anna Masika, Mbusa Joseph and Scovia Balhubasa.