Bishop Kibira with St.Joseph Catholic Men Association members after launch

St.Joseph Catholic Men Association offers men the opportunity to participate in church activities hence grow spiritually, economically through the social development. This association has been launched and highly welcomed by men within the Catholic Diocese of Kasese in their different categories to serve the Lord.  The New Apostolic movement will partly intervene in  parental challenges. The Movement was launched in Kyalhumba Parish on the 1st May 2023 by the Bishop who also announced Rev.Fr.Asaba Cosmas as the diocesan chaplain.

Bishop Kibira speaking at the launch

Bishop Kibira further asked catholic men to work hard, invest in education, fight domestic violence, promote the savings culture, Green gold and unity for all.

The Bishop who called for palling meetings by families,  also prayed that St. Joseph the worker catholic men’s association Sacco roles to the rest of the parishes in the diocese to promote the savings culture, unity and hard work among men.

The diocesan Chaplain (extreme right) together with guests, Donald Turbitt and Richard Dick Kiernana

Two months after the launch in Kyalhumba, the diocese of Kasese hosted two guests, Donald Turbitt and Richard Dick Kiernana who belong to the Men of St.Joseph International and come follow me discipleship USA. The two guests moved to different parishes within the diocese to sensitize all men on their different roles in church and family. They urged men to form discipleship groups where every man can get in touch with others, pray together, support one another and develop together.

Joint photo with the guests

St.Joseph Catholic Men Association is aimed at helping men imitate the virtues of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph is the saint to lead men on the path to holiness and into an authentic masculinity that enters into the depths of the Most Sacred Heart. Men devoted to prayer, hard work, sacrifice, spiritual warfare, truth, love, and the deep desire to lead souls to Christ. END