Kitswamba Parish



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Kitswamba Parish is Composed of 22 Local Churches that covers five sub parishes and   with a total   population of about 3,888  Catholics Coved from Hima Parish. This zone is a mountainous one and hard to reach. The sub parishes are: Kitswamba ,Kabatunda Kanyangwangi,Buhuhira and Kihyo .Formarly we had two sub parishes with twelve local churches and these have now created more two new sub parishes with ten new more local churches thus Kasanga and Bughendero.This zone  is dominated by many religions and that is why we are few Catholics compared to the total population.

Catholic Faith Started here in 1963 by Mzee Peter Nzanzu as the First Catechist with three Families that used to Pray under  a tree .The three  Families Were of Peter Nzanzu, the Late Paul Bindikoki and the late  Karoli Ndyanabo.

For the first three Months, these Christians were Reciting the Holy Rosary of our Holy Mother Mary  only and this implies that the Foundation of this Parish is based on the Holy Rosary.

After three Months of the Reciting of the Rosary Peter Nzanzu went and borrowed a drum from Kihyo Catholic Church and in 1964 after the War from Toro he started drumming and When people hard, they Came and Joined them in Prayer and it Was from this that he requested the Mukungu Chief to Demark  Land for the Church.  In March 1964 a grass thatched Church Was Constructed.

In April 1965 Peter requested the Rwenzururu Kingdom Soldiers to allow them invite Priests to Come and Say Mass for them and in August a priest of the congregation of the white fathers(WF) Fr Lord from Yerya Parish Came and Conducted  the first Mass and on this date he recommended  Peter Nzanzu to go for  a one Year   Catechetical Training  Course in St Kalema Catechetical Centre in Ibanda Mbarara diocese.

In 1966 Buhuhira Catholic Church was formulated followed by Butera,Rwesand,Kabatunda and Satule. In this Same Year  a Sub  Parish  was opened  by Fr Lord after he has been Made the Parish Priest Kasese Parish.In this Same year Kitswamba 1 p/s was Opened under the Headship of late  Baluku Paul   named as Bikatu.

In 1977  the first Sacrament of   Confirmation was Conducted here by the Late  Rt. Rev. Bishop  Sarapio Magambo Fort Portal Diocese

In 1978  Rt. Rev. Bishop Magambo Opened  amobile Clinic headed by the Banyatereza Sisters from Yerya Parish and in 1983 he Constructed the Class room Blocks of Kitswamba 1 PS

We thank our parish priest Rev Fr Walt Muna and Fr Blaise Maathe who have tirelessly moved in these hard to reach areas and also extend the moral support to this zone.

Br. Emmanuel Marie Masereka 1st parish priest of immaculate conception parish kitswamba and the Regular superior for capuchin friars  in Uganda Br.Francis Furtado planting atree on 08/12/2013


Massage from Regional Superior, Sir Suzan Katungu

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We give thanks to God  the gift of Love for the People of Kasese Diocece,Bishop Emeritus  Rt Rev Egidio Nkaijanabwo for the Parental Welcome he gave us  when we entered his Diocese,we Congratulate you for the 25 years  you have labored  taking Care of  God’s flock in Kasese Dioces,The Parish Priest Immaculate Concemption Kitswamba Parish,Br Emanuel Maria Masereka and in a special way we Congratulate our new Bishop  Rt Rev Francis Acquirinus Kibira  for accepting God’s Call of taking Care of his flock in Kasese Diocese.

We, Oblates of the Assumption, Missionary  Nuns were founded by Farther Emmanuel D’ Alzon ,helped by Marie Emmanuel correnson in France in 1865.we  are ready to go wherever  the church is in need to spread the kingdom of God , .The missionaries  of the oblates came from France to Congo in 1935 , they recruited  and  now the Congolese sisters become missionary also .They are already found  in seven African countries : Rwanda, Burkinafaso , Ivory Coast ,Congo-Brazzaville ,Tanzania  ,Gabon and now in Uganda. Under the name of Oblates of the Assumption Missionary Nuns, our congregation responds to the call of love from our Lord. We work to promote the kingdom of Christ within ourselves and in the world today. We aim to remain faithful to these three purposes of our origins by:

–           Evangelization in every country of the world with special attention to those who do not know the Lord

-.Work on behalf of the unity of Christians

-Service of the most impoverished, with a special focus in the fields of education, medicine and social work.

Wherever we are sent we undertake assignments in the service of the local church.

  1. Our motto: Thy kingdom come

The kingdom of God within us by prayer and commitment of all our being by profession of the vows;

The kingdom of God around us by community life, the mission of our apostolate is to make Christ known and loved in every country in the world, the poor being our priority, and towards the unity of all believers.

  1. Our mission

To spread the KINGDOM OF GOD around us  by:

1.Education : nursery ,primary, senior secondary school, colleges and Universities

2.Pastoral work: going to the villages, assisting the priests in various pastoral programs.

3.Social work: visiting families, listening and assisting oppressed people, especially the women, orphanage, shelter the street children  etc…

4.Medical work: in healthcenters, hospitals, home basic care,etc…

We came to Uganda  since 2011. We have now three communities,Nsambya in Archdiocese,   Kampalain2011 ,NgomaKasana-Luwero in 2012 and recently Kitswamba Parish kasese diocese in last October.we have 3 Ugandan sisters who joined our congregation before we found in Uganda so we felt the  call to come to Uganda .the first Ugandan is in Tanzania ,the second one in France the third one  in Rwanda. Last year we sent two Ugandan Girls to Tanzania for formation, and now we are living with four Ugandan girls who want  become oblate nun. We call upon all the young one to join us in promoting the word of God in this Diocese and in the world.

God bless our congregation,

God bless Africa

God bless Uganda

God bless Kasese diocese


Message from the Head Teacher Kuruhe High School

The BOG, PTA, Staff, Students and the whole of Kurume High School congratulate, the Bishop Emeritus , the new Bishop Rt Rev Francis Acquirinus Kibira

Kuruhe High school is a catholic founded, Government Aid, mixed, with day and boarding students.The Diocese of Kasese together with the Catholics of Kitswamba Parish worked tirelessly to put Kuruhe High School in place.We thank the Diocese for the effort made to have Kuruhe High SchoolKuruhe High School has all the facilities for a student to pass i.e. laboratories, computer lab, Internet strong library, Hostel facilities, cyber tech, DSTVS, and Well Qualified teachers  Kuruhe High School emphasizes discipline and academic performance.It has nice buildings the feeding of students is good.It has qualified committed teachers and some are UNEB examiners.he parents be reminded to bring your child to Kuruhe High School for better Education.Kuruhe is what it is because  of Kitswamba ParishKuruhe High School has the following facilitiesAdequate classrooms and furnitureNice hostels for both boys and girls.Well equipped library well equipped science laboratories.2 DSTVS for entertainment and educational programmes.Internet services.Cylber technology solutions. Strong computer lab.Qualified and committed teachers. Enough supply of fresh water. Solar and hydro power.A conducive learning environment. Co-curricular activities are promoted. We offer science and arts subjects both O and A levels.The feeding of students is very good.The school is along Kasese Fort Portal road and 5 km from Rugendabara trading Centre

Kuruhe high school is grateful to the following who donated most of the buildings these include the Government of Uganda, that constructed 6 class rooms, a twin laboratory, 10 stance toilet solar, DSTV for educational programmes.

The Catholic Men’s movement of Austria that constructed hostels, the library, the Kitchen  A – level block and staff quarters. BTC: Through Kasese District local Government that constructed the administration block.

Kuruhe High School cares and aims at academic excellence. We have vacancies for all classes S.1 to S.6.

School motto: we develop through education.

Fear God all fears will disappear

Massage from the  1st Chairperson Parish Council

 Immaculate Conception Kitswamba Parish

Mr. Katswamba Alphonse

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, success is achieved after a serious and tireless struggle of some individuals who accept to offer their lives or property for a common purpose. As we enjoy the fruits of the 25 years of the existence of Kasese Diocese, join me in prayer to say a prayer of thanks giving to all that struggled for this diocese and even those up to date. May God reward them wherever they are and their families.

When you look at the features in the picture above you will see that God is love and his love endures.Engineering is looking forward and modify the environment you are living in .God our first engineer had a purpose for the design in which you are made .

Beginning some thing is not easy but perseverance makes you achieve your goals and you can enjoy the fruit later.

My dear friends persevere in prayer and you will achieve your heart’s desire.

Dear Christians whatever you pray for believe that you have received it and it will be yours Mark 11:25

The  1st Sisters of Kitswmba parishThese include the following .

Sr.Shantali  Maghaniryo house superior Kitswamba Covent


Sr. Kahindo Kasereka Project coordinator and stay in Ngoma Luwero






Emmanuel d’Algon founder of the Augustians of the Assumption in 1845, ad of the oblates of the Assumption in 1865, Instigator of innamemble  words, a indeplatingable dedecaton of the right of God and of the church, decorate at Nimes  21st November 1880.


The Origin of the oblates of the Assumption back to 1862, Fr. D’Algon was on pilgrimage in Rome, and the Pope Pius IX say to him, of bless your work in the East and the West. Fr. D’Algon had no works in the East. The public blessing confirmed, for Fr. D’Algon, the idea that the Lord was relying on him to work for the restoration fo unity with the Orthodox Church of the East. Immediately, he sent Fr. Galaberd to survey and to study the situation. He himself visited your tantinofle in 1863. Then he began to search for nuns to collaborate with him.

No definite having resulted, Fr. D’Algon decided to found a new congregation to undertake this great and noble mission. This was the congregation of the oblates of the assumption.

Our Founder, Fr. D’Algon want his religious to be fissional of the Kingdom of God; so that the spirit of the Assumption is:-

  • Love of Jesus
  • Love of the virgin, his mother
  • Love of the church, his bride


Oblates are sisters who work in whole word and we go every here they call us. So that we are in Uganda at sambya, at Ngoma Parish in Kasana Kuezo Diocese and at Kitswamba parish in Kasese Diocese. Our mission is to make Christ known and local in every country in the word. So contemplation and action are united for us in a single aim: to serve towards the gistension of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Our missionary vocation calls us to sponsor the progress of unity, to give evidence of charity, to proclaim the tough in human surroundings, especially those that we poorest and furthest from the church. At Kitswamba Parish, we are three sisters: Sabina Mbaghamryo Siherya, Edqige Siherya and Shantan Sivirwa Selemani who are learning how to live with “Bayira” of Uganda. Although we are of the same tribe but we, “Bayira” of Congo are brought up by Belgiums, then “Bayira” of Uganda are brought up of British style.


As we are been send to Kitswamba Parish, it is for working hand in hand with capuchins brothers in Pastoral. Workers of the God’s Kingdom, we have to give God to the world in own way of life so that prayer is our most effective defense against temptation and scheming of him who would destroy us.


We have been send by sister Emenentienne Ubuhinanya, our Regional Superior who stays at Butembo in RDC and who works hand in hand with sister Francoise, Marie bichcuchuma Wabintu our continental superior of Africa who stays at Sambya in Kampala and sister Felilin Ghiorgies, our General Superior who stays in General House at “Rue ye Yowibo” in pasis (France).


We sisters of Kitswamba Parish, we are going to work also as teachers at Primary and Secondary Schools. We want to responsible for everything we are going to do, specially to help those people as God’s image. We thank God for the warm welcome of Kitswamba people and we are happy to celebrate the fifty years of Christian in our church just we arrive.

Thanks to God who will “accompany” us every where we shall go.




These include the following:

  • Legions of marry
  • Holy childhood
  • Catholic charismatic Renewal
  • Catholic Women Association (CWA)
  • Uganda Martyr’s Guild
  • Holy Angles of Heaven
  • Youth Apostolate Movement




The Schools that are Catholic founded we have in this Parish  include the following

  • SCHOOLS: Secondary schools    2no

Primary school       6no

Nursery schools     4no

 These are:Kuruhe High School in Kitswamba sub parish

-Emmanuel D’Alzon Complex Lavagnac High School

Kihyo in Kihyo Sub parish   – Kitswamba 1 primary school in Kitswamba sub parish

– Buhuhira  primary school in Buhuhira sub parish

-St Kiizito primary school in Kabtunda sub parish

-Kanyangwangyi primary school in Kanyangwangyi sub parish

-Kasangali primary school in Kanyangwangyi sub paris

-Immaculate Conception nursery School in Kitswamba

-St peter Nursery school Rwesande in Kitswamba sub parish

-St paul nursery school nyakabale in Kitswamba sub parish

St Mary nursery school Butera in Buhuhira sub parish

Kihyo Primary School in Kihyo Sub Centre


  • Goat rearing for ( St Mary’s group)catechists and pastoral chairperson’s Women group
  • Piggery and goat rearing for the youth
  • Goat rearing for the Holy Child Hood movement
  • Event management equipments( 100 seater tent,120 plastic Chairs,400 plastic plates and 300 plastic cups for the CWA group .
  • Brick making for the youth apostolate movement.
  • Saving and lending microfinance project



Baptism infant and adult is being conduction

-Mass wedding of 50 couples on 8th December 2013 was conducted

-opening of the formation center for the congregation of the Oblates of the Assumption religious missionaries Kihyo and Kitswamba covent 6th October 2013

– Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursday of every end of the month.

-Conversion of some other Christians to Catholic Church.

Social achievements

Construction of a complex Storey Secondary School run sisters of the Oblates of the Assumption

-Construction of a 4 Class room block with ten Stance VIP latrine at St. Kizito primary School at Murambi Catholic Church

-Construction of Ave Maria catholic church block.

-Puchase of 4acres of land for the construction of priest’s house.

-Purchase of 3acres of land for the construction of sister’s house.

-Purchase of 2acres of land for the planting of bananas for the Parish.

Through CARITAS Kasese we have achieved 200 rain water harvesting tanks to 200 families in Kitswamba Sub County so we thank the social services department through our Lord Bishop.

Through the ministry of Education and sports we have achieved 6 class room block, Twin Science Laboratory and 10 stance latrines so we thank the Government of Uganda for this Development to our School.

We would like to thank diocese of Kasese through CARITAS Kasese which helped us in  extending  village banks which are helping us to pay school fees for our children.

The 1st parish executive of Kitswamba Catholic Parish

1.Chairperson                   Katswamba Alphonse

2.Vice C/person                Kikubakuba Iryeza

3.Secretary        :              Masereka Everest

4.Published Secr.             Muhindo Tedy

5 Treasurer                      Kabakonyezi Lucy

Committee Members

 Secr. Education              Mbusa Bony

Peace and justice          Kisembo Mahaeghuliro

Land                               Katsumba Bony

CWA                               Katswamba Sisiria

Legion of Mary              Kabakonyezi Lucy

Cath.Charismatic Ren  Walemba

Yoda Tadeo                   Masika Mary Mrs

Youth apostolate           Jackson Kikuka