Kasanga Parish

Kasanga Parish

kasanga church
Brief History of the Parish:

The first church started in Mithimusanju. The name Kasanga refers to the present name of the place. The first catechist of the church was called Semeho Mulere, and this was in the year 1922. The catechist was coming from Rugazi parish presently in Rubirizi district. The first church is said to have begun under a Mubiriri tree, on the land that was provided by one called Kanuma Mathumo.
The first Catechumen were: Mr. Yakobo Katswamba and Yakobo Mbabaisi.
In 1954, the church transferred to its present site, and by then Mr. Musysenene Aprunalis was the catechist. When the catechist had increased by number, Rev. Fr. Yohana Bulyabuga used to commute from Bunyaruguru to Kasanga to oversee the growth of christainity in the church. Meanwhile the place where the parish primiese are, was given by Mr. Peter Bakalhania Kalendu. It is bilied however, that the church bought some more land Mr. Lazaro Kyuma, Mr. Kalyamwani, Mr. Yoona Muhindo, Mr.. Muhanika and Mr. Ezira Kabatoro.
Kasanga was declared a parish in 1957 with Fr. Yohana Balyabuga as the first parish priest.


  • Kasanga is established as a parish center to improve on the spiritual renewal of the Christians and bringing sacramental life nearer to the Christians.
  • To reduce on the work load for the priests working in Kasanga who have been serving 60 out stations.
  • To help priest to be more available for the Christians.

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Sub parish

  1. Kasanga
  2. Kamukumbi
  3. Nyakahya
  4. Kituti
  5. Ndongo
  6. Kyasenda
  7. Nyamambuka
  8. Ruses
  9. Kibirigha

The priests, catechists, lay leaders and the different lay apostolate movements in the parish are tirelessly doing the work evangelization and helping the people of God to receive sacraments as they prepare them for the next world.

Apart from the spiritual endeavors, we also involve ourselves in self-sustaining and income generating projects like agriculture for the sustenance of the priests who work in the parish as well as raising some income towards the development of the parish.


Every time and again, we are recruiting new members into the catholic faith both young and old. This fact is attested to by the number of Christians who receive the initial sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

Structurally, we are little building a number of churches in the parish, though most of them are still under construction, we are hopeful that they will be completed and the sky is the limit.

The parish has found some schools from nursery to tertiary institutions, which have in special way reduced the high levels of illiteracy among the faithful.

A good number of young girls and boys are embracing religious life by becoming sisters, brothers and priests. Some are serving in this diocese and others are serving in other diocese in and outside Uganda.

Future prospects

We are aiming at a self-sustaining church by forgoing a way of establishing income generating projects. Among other, we mainly want to embark on crop husbandry so as to reduce on the parish expenditure on food. We also aim at selling the surplus for the development of the parish.

Kasanga parish wants to put more attention on the young generation, especially in the field of literacy. As a matter of fact, if we could have a powerful  vocational/ skills center in the parish our young generation would get skills that would help them get some little income and this income would in one way or another increase the income of the parish because these will in turn become donors towards the parish activities.


The parish has a good chunk of land but it is not well developed because  of lack of resources like capital.

Given the fact that our parish is quite old, structurally we have a good number of building that need to be renovated or demolished and be built anew. But because of financial constraints, we are still using them through in story state.

We have a challenge of insecurity and this gives chance to the so called “long armed people” to take away some of the little property we have. As a result we get demoralized and we have failed to open big farms at the parish.

Last but not the least, Kasanga does not have a well designated administration block, because our offices were blown off by wind in May 2016. After that disaster, we had no option but to think of constructing new offices. The new administration block is estimated to cost over 250 million and we solely rely on the people of good will for the completion of this noble task

Kasanga Local church’s

  1. Kyogha
  2. Kasungu
  3. Kanyasabu
  4. Karalike
  5. Busalya
  6. Nyamughona
  7. Kalehe
  8. Kabaghole
  9. Peter clever
  10. Lyakirema
  11. Kaserengethe
  12. Kyabolokya
  13. Isango
  14. St francis
  15. Kamasasa
  16. Karukumiza
  17. Kambukamabwe
  18. Kibwe
  19. Kyambogho
  20. Kabirithi