The Diocese of Kasese was erected in 1989, curved from Fort Portal. The first Bishop of the Diocese of Kasese is Rt. Rev. Egidio Nkaijanabwo, now emeritus and the current Ordinary is Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira.

After the erection of the Diocese of Kasese, there was need to have Administrative Departments/Commissions that would assist the Bishop in his administrative work. It is against this background that the diocese established the Education Commission in 1991. The purpose was to promote the teaching of Religious Education and instill Catholic Values in Schools in the Diocese of Kasese.

The Education Department derives its mandate from the Diocesan Synod of 2009 and the Catholic Church Teaching. The Bishop is the legal holder and custodian of all educational programmes.


An enlightened God Loving Society


To Promote Christian Values in Society as we work with other partners in Education

 Core Values

Our department ensures to promote the following core values among others in all our schools;

  • Godliness and humility
  • Love and Respect
  • Honest and trust
  • Team work and time management
  • Perseverance and charity
  • Integrity and excellence


Striving for Holistic learning


  1. To turn our schools into centers of spiritual, good character formation and academic excellence
  2. To promote and provide holistic education to the human person based on religious and moral values, knowledge and skills development.
  • To foster unity in diversity amongst all stakeholders in our education institutions
  1. To provide employment to qualified persons of God
  2. To produce morally enlightened and knowledgeable citizens to work in different sectors for national and global development


education secretary

Fr. Mbusa Joseph

Religious education secretary

Sr. Consolata Bitekerezo


Educational Institutions

The Education Secretariat is charged to oversee a number of Educational Institutions ranging from Pre – Primary, Primary, Post Primary and tertiary. They are summarized as bellow;

Pre – primary 30
Primary Schools

  1. Government Aided
  2. Privately owned







Secondary Schools

  1. Government Aided
  2. Privately Owned






Tertiary Institution

  1. Primary Teachers’ College
  2. Technical School






Minor Seminary 1



The main activities of our education department are the following;

  • Planning, Coordinating and overseeing the implementation of the Religious Education programs in all the Schools in the Diocese
  • We are charged to oversee the Spirituality, academic, and infrastructural development in our schools.
  • The Department has been undertaking regular Support Supervision, Monitoring and Inspection of all Catholic Founded Schools, and making recommendations to the different education stakeholders
  • The Department oversees the Implementation of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) Policies in Catholic founded Schools where we are partners.
  • Through Peace and Justice Commission, we carry out Civic Education in all Catholic founded Schools on mediation of Peace and Conflict management.
  • The department carries out sensitization programmes on environmental protection in all our Schools that is, by encouraging all our Schools to participate in tree planting.
  • We have been carrying out massive sensitization on HIV/AIDS, avoidance of teenage pregnancies, early Child Marriages and high rate of school dropout in some parts of the Diocese/District
  • We carry out constant sensitization of Parents on their role in the education of their Children by attending Parents Staff Associations (PSA) meetings
  • Organising and Coordinating preparatory meetings/workshops for the establishment of an Institution of Higher Learning (University) in the Diocese of Kasese.
  • We organise and procure the Diocesan Examinations for both Primary and secondary schools.
  •  Frequently we engage the District Education Officer (DEO), the Commissioners of Secondary Education and other Ministry Officials in discussions concerning management, promotion and appointment of teachers and infrastructural development of our schools. We have beneficiaries here.
  • Our Office coordinates with the Ministry of Education and Sports to ensure that more of our private schools are taken up as Government grant aided schools.
  • We attend BOGs meetings, inducted and inaugurated new BOG/MCs for some schools
  • We engage and help to resolve some unrests arising in some schools.


  • Most of the Schools are located in mountainous areas which are hard to reach; this makes supervision and monitoring difficult.
  • Some of our School Structures have been affected by weather changes like floods, earthquake, and heavy storms among others. This has led to destruction of some schools.
  • There is low enrolment of qualified Catholic teachers and students in our catholic founded Schools. this is due to high competition with other schools founded by other denominations and many existing private schools
  • We have inadequate qualified personnel in the department who can assist in giving support supervision, monitoring and Inspection in most of the Schools
  • There is still cases of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancies, early marriages and high rate of school dropout in some parts of the Diocese
  • There is still frequent reported cases of indiscipline in some Schools for both students and staff
  • We lack an Institution of Higher learning (University) that would enable most teachers to upgrade their studies