Kakone Parish



Uganda Martyrs Kakone parish was officially opened on the 25th Nov, 2012, Rev Fr. Job Masereka Syathamira as parish priest and Rev Fr. Kautha Godfrey who both officially  reported on 10th Sept 2012 after which Rev Fr Charles Muhindo Kagheni came to assist the two priests. Currently the Parish is being administered by Rev. Fr. Leonary Sumbuko Sibita as the Parish Priest and assisted by Rev. Fr. Laurent Bahati Bwambale.

The Parish according to the statistics required by Rome 2017 has 23570 baptized Christians, other Christian denominations 12240; Non-Christians 3072 and the total number of inhabitants i.e. 38882 people. The parish currently has 25 local churches. From these local churches or out stations we have eight (8) sub-parishes which include Kibiri, Kakone, Ighanza, Kyabwenge, Nyamisule, Nyakabingo, Kibalya and Kibandama, which are further sub-divided into basic Small Christian Communities.



The Parish has further been divided into two zones i.e. Upper zone (Kibalya) and Lower zone (Kakone) which was a resolution of both Pastoral Council and the Catechists. The zones were officially opened on 5th March 2014 on Ash Wednesday. This was done to extend pastoral services nearer to the Christians and for easy administration.

The out stations are managed by 44 catechists. The catechists are headed by Muhindo Augustine Amengenimani and his executive and the Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson Mr. Matia Mbusa Mauru and his executive who have done a commendable work to link the Christians to the priests through their administration and pastoral visits.

The Christians have been cooperative in making the work easy for the priests in their pastoral Ministry. This has often been seen in the Lay Apostolate Movements as Legion of Mary, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Missionary Holy Childhood, Devotees to St. Jude the youth choir, Uganda Martyrs Guild, Catholic Women Association, Omusondolya Thuminyane Group.

The parish Land is 12 acres with coffee plants, Eucalyptus trees pine trees and some fruit trees. We have the Priests house (Presbytery), the Parish Church recently renovated, Kakone Primary that lacks learning structures.

The Parish has 10 Primary schools and six Nurseries.

 Primary schools. 

Kakone, Ighanza Kibiri, Kyamiza Kabwarara Nyamisule Kibalya, Kibandama, Bishop Egidio and Nyakabingo which is in question.


Kibiri, Nyakabingo, Burandia, Kyapa, Kauramu, Musekera, Most of these Primary and nursery schools are built in semi- permanent materials except Nyamisule that was constructed by Save the Children Uganda

We have only one well established secondary school St Kizito secondary school. However we have two more secondary schools newly established that is Bishop Egidio Secondary school Kibiri and Kibalya High Hills Secondary school that need serious attention in terms of structures and equipment.


The Parish is located in a very hard to reach area and quite often your sons the Priests and the catechists have fallen many times due to rough and stiff roads . Some outstations can not be reached by motorcycle. The Parish has an old Tayota Car (UAA 816X) which was donated by the Diocese


Fetch little to support the Parish that is Sunday collections tithe, Baptism fee Marriage fee, and Christmas and Easter envelopes.


  • The Parish lacks a healthy centre to serve the Christians and the people of God.
  • Poor road network in the parish.
  • Lack of enough safe water
  • Our primary schools and secondary schools are incomplete for instance St. Matia Mulumba in Kibalya sub-parish.
  • Nyakabingo Primary school lacks a school Management Committee following court resolutions


In as far the Parish at large is concerned, we have achieved the following:

  • Since the inception of the parish we have achieved 286 wedded couples, 4338 Baptized
  • Four Eucharistic centers, Kakone, Kibalya, Kibiri and the newly created Eucharistic centre of Nyakabingo.
  • Four serving sisters. Sr Masika Kevin, Sr Mbambu kaghuma, Sr Kabukali Josephine and Sr kabugho Kevin
  • Three serving brothers, Br. Bwambale Laurent, Br. Makanika alex, and Br. Muhindo Gabriel
  • Seminarians in the major seminary, Clement Masereka, Mumbere Ednus, and also in 13 in the minor seminary Kiburara
  • Renovation of the Parish Church.
  • Kyambogho proposed health center under construction.
  • Three operating secondary schools, St.Kkizito, Bishop Egido, St Matia Mulumba.
  • Ten primary government aided and nursery schools
  • A Parish Kitchen under construction
  • Good relation with other neighbor religious denominations


  • Building of a sisters’ convent
  • Establishing a health centre
  • Planting more trees
  • Completing the leasing process of church lands
  • Creation of income generating projects like buying land for rent and commercial house
  • Strengthening of the small Christian communities
  • Completion of the unfinished Parish churches and schools
  • Sensitization on fighting illiteracy through education both formal and informal.