Bishop Melchisedec Paluku Sikuli of Butembo -Beni celebrates silver jubilee of episcopate amidst insurgencies in the mineral rich territory

By Michael Muhindo

Behind the scenes of the bishopric of Butembo-Beni, a special celebration took place recently. Indeed, Bishop Sikuli Paluku Melchizedek, The Bishop of the diocese for 25 years, was honored during a mass of thanksgiving for his silver jubilee of episcopate. This milestone event brought together many ecclesiastical and political personalities who came to pay tribute to this devoted pastor.

The ceremony, held at ITAV Tsakatsaka in Butembo, was presided over by Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa. In his homily, the Cardinal highlighted the remarkable work done by Bishop Sikuli throughout his 25 years of service. He also spoke of the challenges and sacrifices that a pastor faces, commending Bishop Sikuli’s determination and resilience.

At the celebration, many Bishops from different dioceses of the Democratic Republic of Congo were present, thus testifying to the importance of this event for the Congolese Church. Among them, Msgr José Moko Ekanga, vice-president of CENCO and Bishop of the diocese of Idiofa, Mgr Janvier Kataka, bishop of Wamba, or even Msgr Théophile Kaboy, Bishop emeritus of Goma, to name but a few. .

Apart from ecclesiastical personalities, many political figures also made a point of honoring Bishop Sikuli by attending his jubilee celebration. This presence testifies to the esteem and influence of the Bishop in Congolese society, which goes beyond the religious framework.

Beyond the event itself, the celebration highlighted the importance of the role of bishops and the Church in Congolese society. They are essential actors in promoting peace, social justice and the development of the nation.

In conclusion, the silver jubilee of the episcopate of Bishop Sikuli Paluku Melchizedek was an opportunity to pay tribute to a devoted pastor and to underline the crucial role of the Church in Congolese society. This event marks an important step in the journey of Bishop Sikuli and testifies to his positive impact on the Christian community and society as a well.

Kasese delegation at the Silver jubilee celebration

Among other invited guests was a delegation from the Catholic diocese of Kasese Uganda that was led by some priests and the lay faithful.