Mr.John Wakighoma of Kitwamba town  council in Kasese has revealed his plans to establish a nursery bed that will supply fruit tree seedlings to the local community.

Growing fruits offers a unique chance to teach children about the importance of healthy foods and nutrition. Whether the fruit-eaters are children, animals or impoverished neighbors — fruit trees take advantage of Mother Nature’s natural resources system…and deliver shade, soil conditioning, food for wildlife…and food for humans and our animals. And it lasts for decades! That’s a lot for one simple plant.

Addressing an annual Parents Teachers Association commonly known as (PTA) meeting at Kuruhe high school founded by the Catholic diocese of Kasese over the weekend, Mr. Wakighoma who proposed tree planting to be a communal activity, said the project would turn the town council into a potential fruit supplier to the rest of the region.

Giving an example of Road-barrier cell in Kasese Municipality as a consistent fruit supplier in Kasese, Mr. Wakighoma said whereas the famous maize planting in greater Kitswamba is important as well, diversification to other crops is paramount to maintain soil fertility and quality production.  Mr. Wakighoma speaking1…….

Mr. Wakighoma who said he had perceived important the guidance from the Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Kasese said like in Buganda region, fruit trees provide fruits, shed, firewood and act as windbreakers as well.

He was convinced that with a variety of fruits at home, churches and schools, children would not trespass to the neighbor’s gardens for what to eat. Mr. Wakighoma speaking………

Mr. Wakighoma’s guidance comes at a time when one of the elders, Mesach Mbaka in the area called on schools and families near him to plant fruit trees to feed their learners and children who mismanage his fruits. END