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Catholic Church Needs to Keep its Mission and Tradition, says Ugandan Prelate

The key mission and traditions of the Catholic Church which every diocese needs to practically impress for the all-around development, according to Bishop Francis Aquirinus Kibira of Uganda’s Kasese Diocese, are promoting Spiritual values, health services and education are the

In completing Christ’s Mission, Rt. Rev. Kibira said a Cathedral must be identified by three major features including a big well built Cathedral church with a cross for spiritual guidance, school to contain with Christ’s mission of enlightening people, fight against ignorance and illiteracy, health service to contain the healing mission of Jesus. 

In his speech shortly after Holy Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Hima Parish on 18th Dec 2022 where he confirmed over 500 Christians, Bishop Kibira asked Catholics to be proud of their faith, saying that ongoing activities at the Kasese Cathedral hill is in line with the Church mission to have a Church, health facility and a school to for Spiritual guidance, good health and fight against illiteracy levels.

In his report, the parish Head of Laity, Mr. Constantine Kisembo called for the Bishop’s full support to St. Charles Lwanga primary school in Hima before revealing that unemployment among the youth, poverty, illiteracy and domestic violence were some of the challenges frustrating family life and Spiritual development among the Christians and the local community members.

Conserve the Environment for the Future, Bishop Kibira Appealed

Residents living in high terrain in Kasese district, Uganda have been encouraged to prioritize growing coffee and fruit tree as a measure to conserve the environment and boost household income.

In his speech at Uganda Martyrs Kakone Parish on 27th November 2022, Bishop Kibira quoted the second encyclical of Pope Francis “Laudato Si’ that encouraged the general population to care for the common home and community, asking residents to conserve the environment.

The ordinary of Kasese said in the early age coffee was popularly planted in Buganda region where the ancestors from western Uganda borrowed a leaf after working as laborer the idea that improved their household income and managed to educate their children.

 Bishop Kibira said he will organize a day and meet coffee farmers in Kakone Parish for capacity building training about coffee management in collaboration with Bukonzo Joint Cooperative union.

He also reminded the population that soil is as a mother to all and needs special attention and soil through conversation of the environment in planting tree and avoiding activities that will affect the environment.

Hon. Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga, the minister of state for ICT and national guidance, said people living in hilly areas above 30 degrees should re-allocate to safer places now that government has secured funds for the affected families.

Hon. Kabyanga said conservation of the environment in Kasese district has continuous challenging due to the high fertility rate, calling for migration to less populated areas in the country to create room for tree planting and other environment manage systems.

He warned residents living in swamps and other gazette areas to find they way out for government forces them to re-locate.

Kakone Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Cosmas Baluku asked the leadership to extend services to the area decrying, poor road network, scarcity of water and lack of enough schools among others.

He encouraged residents in his parents to have water harvesting tanks and doing terracing among others as a measure of protecting soil erosion above all plant more trees.

Why Poor yet Uganda Has One of Richest Soil in The World, Bishop Kibira Asks

The Ordinary of Kasese, Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira has wondered why the cost of living in Kasese district, Uganda, is still high with this rich and fertile land, arguing agriculture officers must not only warm the chairs but do their role of advising farmers on good agronomy practices and rearing of domestic animals.

Kasese district in the Mountains of Rwenzori is one of the area in Uganda with the richest and fertile soil that support the growth of crops like coffee, cotton, maize, vanilla and banana plantation as well as rearing of domestic animal among others.

During his pastoral visit to Kitswamba Parish during the celebration of the Parish Ninth Anniversary on 14th Dec 2022, at Kanyangwanje Playground the Journey that made Bishop Kibira the first Catholic Bishop to reach the last Church close to Rwenzori National Park that Boarders Fort-portal diocese.

In his speech, Bishop Kibira wondered why the cost of living in Kasese is still high with this rich and fertile land, arguing Agricultural officers not to only to worm chairs but do their role of advising farmers on good agronomic practices and rearing of domestic animals.

He asked the government of Uganda to monitor the performance agriculture officers at every sub county whom he blamed to the increased poor agricultural input and output in the district, after indentifying some areas with old coffee trees and poor managed banana plantation yet it is they role as technical people with advanced knowledge to guidance the general population on the best way of using the richness and fertility of the soil in the district

Bishop Kibira cautioned individuals against the Lhukonzo slogan of “ekithaka nikyethu” meaning the land belongs to us, but fails to use it productively for food production and improved livelihood.

He advised residents in Busongora County North to fight against teenage marriages and early pregnancies but invest in education for the future generation of their children.

Mr. Alfonse Katswamba, the chairperson Parish Pastoral council, asked the Bishop to lobby for a model primary school and a coffee hulling machine that will add value to both education and coffee production.

Encourage Christians to Become Hard workers – Bishop Kibira to Priests

Priests who stay in seclusion and forget about encouraging believers to become hardworking and promote education are not fair, the Ordinary of Kasese, Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira has said.

Bishop Kibira has warned priests against laziness by focusing on healing the soul only. Rather, he wants to. See them promote the people’s integral development and fight against poverty.

He insists that every priest has a cardinal role to work with a development committee at parish and community level so as to create development avenues and projects that will see believers increase household income.

In his speech at St. Maria Gorret Kinyamaseke Catholic Church while concluding his three month pastoral visit in the parish where he confirmed Christians and opened a Eucharistic centre on 1st Jan 2023 on the Solemnity of Virgin Mary Mother of the church, Bishop Kibira asked the priests and Religious to emulate Jesus Christ who was not only a preacher but also a prophet, teacher and healer, encouraging religious leaders to collaborate with Christians for social, physical and economic development.

Bishop Kibira asked parents to develop the talents of children by empowering them with education and vocational skills especially those who have dropped out of school, adding that the best way of solving unemployment challenge in the country is to empower the youth with skills and developing the natural abilities.

The Ordinary cautioned parents against luxurious expenditure and alcoholism. He advises them to become innovative, invest in education, and toapply modern farming technologies especially in banana plantations.

Bishop Kibira quoted some of the lyrics in Tip Tony song titled “party” warning the public against high consumption of alcohol, laziness and engaging in non-productive activities but save to fight poverty.

Earlier on, Winfred Ithungu one of the confirmands at Kitsutsu Catholic Church told the Bishop that currently men have started stealing their wives’ money, engaging promiscuous relationships and going home late.

Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kule, the Bukangara Parish Priest commended the Bishop for the support extended to Bukangara Parish especially finance meant to support woman under the catholic women association-CWA.

The Coordinator Holy Dove projects, Rev. Fr. Modesto Kasenyangwe, asked believers in Christ to utilize the Vocational training institutions to fight illiteracy.

During Mass, Mr. Johnson Saturday Musolho was baptized and welcomed back into the Catholic Church and Catchiest Moses Thembo and Catchiest Costa Baluku were confirmed as Eucharistic administrators.

Leaders, be Creative and Accountable to Electorate, Bishop Kibira asked

Bishop of the Diocese of Kasese Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira Kambale has urged Members of Parliament from Kasese District to be accountable to the people who elected them by creating jobs through investing in the local communities where they come from.

In his speech at St. Paul Kitsutsu Roman Catholic Church on 31st Dec 2022, Bishop Kibira said it’s a pity that many political leaders immediately after election think first of owning a house and projects in the Capital city and forget about investing locally in projects that will create jobs, also asking the local community to put them to task over the same.

The Prelate said the youth in district are blessed to have been born in the area that is blessed with resources but only fail to get someone to show them the direction.

Kibira who commended Hon. Godfrey Katusabe the MP for Bukonzo West and Hon Ferigo Kambale the Kasese Municipal Legislator for investing locally, asked the Kasese leaders to put in place plans of equally sharing from the national cake than unproductive criticism of government. 

Bishop Kibira has urged priests and religious leaders to make use of the existing church movements for young Catholics for sustainability of the church ministries.

He said the future of the church lies in the hands of the youth and children. He then encouraged the religious leaders to mobilize the youth to join the Junior Legionaries of Mary and other Church the movements.

He wondered why some individuals pretend to be true friends and followers of Jesus Christ yet they have no respect for his Mother asked Catholics to emulate the humility, patience, obedience and humbleness of Mother Mary above seeking for her intercession.

The Shepherd of God asked the local community around Mountain Rwenzori to make good use of nature by keeping domestic animals, birds and grow crops for domestic and commercial purposes so as to improve their living conditions. 

Earlier, Bishop Kibira hailed the administration of Bukangara parish lead by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. John Baptist Kule for joining hands towards the construction of the Parish church, St. John Bukangara Primary school and other schools in the Parish among other developmental projects.

On his part, the Coordinator of Holy Dave Project Fr. Modesto Kasenyangwe said the best way of fighting poverty starts with food security, thus encouraging the locals to plant enough crops.