Kasese Catholic diocese is found in western Uganda bordering the republic of Congo in the west, Mbarara diocese in the south, Fort portal diocese in the east. The diocese is among the 19 dioceses in Uganda and was created in June 1989 from the mother diocese of Fort portal. Recently the diocese has received a new Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Francis
Kasese diocese covers an area of 3, 205sq. km, with a population of about 724,726 people, of which Catholics are about 366,410 people. The population is on high increase and at the moment the figures may be more than that. The diocese has got elven (11) parishes, served by about 42 priests. There is an average of two to four priests being ordained a very year. The vocations are increasing due to the increase of major seminarians and minor seminarians.
Apart from spreading of the word of God, the local church in Kasese has excelled in other areas like education, health and social development. In the education department the church owns about 19 secondary schools in the district and its minor seminary is now among the best schools in the district. On health department the church runs one major hospital (Kilembe) and three health centres.
The local church has introduced microfinance to help its local people to develop economically. The presence of centenary bank branch in the diocese, which is now the active bank in the country, is the pride of the diocese and to all people of Kasese.
The diocese also runs other institutions such as St. Augustine’s catechetical and pastoral training centre, St. John the Evangelist Minor Seminary, Kasanga technical Centre, Kasese Catholic Social training Centre and Kinyamasika Youth centre. There are also many schools around the town and always they hire cars from far as they attend different functions and excursions. We believe these institutions shall be hiring the min-bus.
This is the general background of the Kasese diocese on a tremendous growth with hope for the bright future.

Diocese Structure
BISHOP: Rt. Rev Francis Aquirinus Kibira.
VICAR GENERAL: Mgr. Landus Bwambale
CHANCELLOR Rev.Fr. Expedito Masereka
TREASURER: Rev Fr. Sunday Augustine Masereka

Head of Commissions.

Pastoral: Rev Fr. Modest Masereka.
Planning and Finance: Rev Fr. Sunday Augustine Masereka
Caritas: Rev Rr. Remegios Thembo
Justice and Peace: Rev. Fr. Peter Basaliza Mubunga
Health: Rev Fr. Sausi Businge.
Liturgy and doctrine: Rev. Fr. Dr. Patrick Sunday Baluku
Education : Rev Fr.Ubaldo Sumba
Social communications: Rev Fr. Sunday Augustine Masereka

Parish priests
1. Kasanga Parish: Fr. Godwine Bwambale
2. Nsenyi parish: Fr. Modest Masereka
3. Katwe parish: Fr.Godfrey Kautha.
4. Bukangara parish: Fr. Patrick Mayani
5.Kyalhumba parish: Fr. Kamala Bukaka
6.Kakone parish: Fr. John Syathamira.
7. Kasese parish: Fr. Joseph Kirungi.
8. Ibanda parish: Fr. Ajiga Taxton
9. Hima Parish: Fr. Peter Kunama
10. Kitswamba parish: Bro. Marie Masereka

11.Kitabu Parish: Fr. David Kiiza

12. Kyabikere Parish: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Kule